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Video Promotion

Video is without doubt the most powerful marketing tool in history because it communicates with the viewer on three levels - visually, auditory and emotionally.

Videos give your website a personal touch whether you talk on camera or not. A short video can give the viewer a good insight into your business and its products and services without even leaving the home page.

Let’s face it you only have seconds from the time a visitor lands on your home page to grab their attention and give them the information they were looking for. And video is an excellent way to do that.

Show and Tell Marketing produces the following videos:

  • White board - complex messages in an easy to understand format Character
  • simple animation that are easy for people to identify with
  • Interviews - owner or staff member answering frequently asked questions
  • Explainer - difficult or complex message explained simply

Don’t worry there is no pressure to appear on camera if you prefer or use your voice if you don’t want to. There are so many options available that there will be a format perfect for you.

Unlike many video producers, Show and Tell Marketing makes it easy for you to take your clip out to the world because we continue to do the work for you.

We make sure the clip is promoted on all your social media channels and video hosting websites such as YouTube  where it  generates traffic and sales leads.

Blog and Promotion

With every Google update, the message is clear! Google prefers quality content over anything else.

But content marketing is not an easy, get rich quick solution to generating traffic. It takes time and expertise to produce. Reliable results take time!


If you don’t have a good understanding of SEO, your hard work may not be paying off either with increased website traffic from an improved organic ranking.

Your content needs to include long-tail keywords. It’s what people use when they are searching the webs for information, product or service.

Show and Tell Marketing makes sure it meets this requirement of the search engines with content curation. We source content that is relevant to your industry or niche and your ideal target market. Once we’ve found the idea, we write a blog post for your website adding original copy and a link to the quality source. The content provides visitors with a valuable resource and your website with authority because it’s adding links to industry-related websites.

Your website’s weekly blog posts save your prospects time because they can easily find what they need. Here’s the process Show and Tell Marketing undertakes to product the posts: 

  1. Research: A topic selected and we research numerous websites both Australian and overseas depending on the industry.
  2. Quality Content: Using the research we write quality content and include a link to the researched websites to add authority.
  3. Automatic scheduling: The post is uploaded to your website or blog.
  4. Fresh content: Consistency is the key - one post a week is essential! ​
  5. Promotion: The post is only valuable if it’s seen by prospects, so we promote the posts across multiple social media channels.

Landing Pages

A landing page has one goal and one course of action for the visitor to take.

Unlike a busy website with multiple pages, navigation bars and distractions a landing page has the purpose of gathering a visitor’s contact details or a getting them to buy.

Landing pages can all look very different, for example, long or short text, a pic or video or none, multiple calls to action or just one. But the common factor is all landing pages have just one purpose or goal.

Show and Tell Marketing can write and design a high performing landing page for the following purposes:

  1. Linking from a video clip
  2. A page from a Facebook or Google Adwords ad
  3. A one-page website/microsite

What’s Included in a Landing Page?

A single web page including the following elements:

  1. Photos
  2. Limited Copy
  3. Social Proof
  4. SE
  5. X Video*
  6. X Video Syndication*

landing page Example

You can have a look at an example landing page created for Lemon Tree Book Co. This actually breaks the one option rule because either option is a desired outcome. However, we are testing this to see how having the choice works.