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Why Your About Us Page is Critical!

Is your About Us page important?  But that's the wrong question?

The question you should ask is…

Do you want your website to generate high-quality leads helping you convert them into sales?

If you do then the About Us page on your website is critical.

It’s critical because people buy from people. 

People want to know whom they are buying from, and, if they are considering buying your product or service, they will check out your About Us page. They want to get to know you.

Still, photos are better than text. But a video is by far the most effective media because you communicate with your audience through all of the senses. Sight, sound and emotion. 

For 84,000 generations humans have learned to recognise danger very quickly. We were on high alert for the slightest change in our environment. The smallest movement or inconsistency triggered our flight or flight response.

If we didn’t react quickly, we got eaten or fell victim to tidal tribes.

As a result of this dangerous environment, we learned to read and process our response subconsciously. 

In the blink of an eye

Our cognitive brain is still slow. Our subconscious observations triggered the fight or flight response and they still do! 

As a result of this dangerous environment, we learned to read and process our response subconsciously. Our cognitive brain is too slow. Our subconscious observations triggered the fight or flight response and they still do! 

Evolution moves at glacial pace. It is less than the blink of an eye since the industrial revolution. 

In just 10 generations we have moved from horse and cart to space travel. A journey from England to Australia has gone from several months to less than a day.

When you have a video on your About Us page, people visiting your website can read your facial expressions and hear the tone of your voice. Together, these observations trigger an emotional response. 

The first impression people form is outside of their conscious awareness. If the impression is favourable, you are seen as a friend and not and their subconscious sees you as a friend…

Old friends

I had an early morning meeting with a potential client. To make sure I beat the traffic I had arrived early. Very early. As I strolled through the shopping centre, I saw a man waving calling out to me.

The man waving was my potential client. He recognised me from the video I had on my website. 

We met and shook hands. “I feel like I already know you,” he said. The ice was broken.

Hearts and Minds

Emotion and NOT FACTS will drive your potential clients to buy your product or service. Every business must win the hearts and minds of their prospects and existing customers.

Facts and statistics are dry. Sterile. Forgettable. 

By 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic (KPCB).

That’s good to know. But, unless you link that statistic with emotion it means little. Yet that statistic might trigger the feeling of fear.

Fear of losing their market share or even their livelihood. The statistic itself is not memorable. But the emotional reaction is.


Before people decide to buy from you, they want to know who you are. They want to see what you stand for. 

Your prospects already know what you do. But they want to know more about you.

Video on your About Us page gives you the opportunity to speak with them letting them ‘get to know’ you. If they feel comfortable, they are far more likely to buy from you.


Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (VidYard).

That is wonderful. But that statistic was provided by research from a video production company. Now don't get me wrong. Vidyard is a good company and it is possible that their report is biased.


Video has stood the test of time!!!

History has proven the value of video over and over again. And there are too many reputable businesses reporting results from their video marketing that are similar to VidYards.

Why is video so successful?

Every buyer is human.

And every human has two dimensions. Conscious and subconscious. Visible and invisible.

Video gives your viewers a chance to get a glimpse of your hidden self. It shows who you are as a person. You can speak about your goals. Why you want to help them.

Of course, you’re in business to make money. Yet most of us are not driven by money. Money is a means to an end.

We want to provide for our families, go on holidays, drive safe cars, and live well in retirement. We must relate to the human visiting our website!

Who are you?

A video on your About Us page shows who you are.

Remember, if you want your website to generate leads and sales then the ‘About Us’ page is perhaps the most important page on your website…

When people can see and hear you it helps to build trust. And trust is an essential ingredient of a sale.

People buy from people they trust!

And that is why your About Us page is critical!!!

What is Content Marketing and who really cares

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More Blog Posts = More traffic = More Leads



So just what is content marketing and how can it help grow your business?

canstockphoto17554021_GaRNa3We saw in my previous post, High-Quality Content Rewarded, that value content is being rewarded by Google.

So just what is Content Marketing.

Content marketing (also referred to as Inbound Marketing) is a strategic approach to creating high-value content that educates your readers drive them to your website as qualified leads.

Content Marketing is providing awesome content

Because Google (and the other search engines) want to give their customers value, content Marketing is one of the best, safest and consistent ways to generate traffic to your website.

Become the authority in your niche

You become an authority in your industry or niche building trust with your target market. When they trust you, they are far more likely to buy from you.

We can help you

We create value content for you. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business grow!

+61 (0)414 288 050

P.S. We also use video to promote your content to a massive audience. Click here to learn more

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Google Rewards High-Quality Educational Content With Higher Rankings

winning_value_propositionSearch engine updates are rewarding high-quality content with better page rankings at the expense of thinly disguised content that merely provides a vehicle for inserting a lot of keywords and provides little or no value to the reader.

Google’s Panda update is a search filter designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from creeping onto Google’s page one at the expense of a website that gives value to Google’s customer’s…

…the people who are looking for value information.

Quality content set to win!

The Quality Update, previously known as the Phantom Update, singled a massive change in Google’s approach.

Google will favour websites that educate their audience by providing high quality, valuable information with better rankings.

Blogs that educate will win!

Blog posts are an excellent way to give Google what they want. Great content that informs and provides high value to the readers.

When you put value into your posts, most of your traffic will come to you Via your blog. It also means that people stay on your site longer because they are interested in the content you’re providing. All of this means more traffic and more qualified leads. Qualified leads mean more conversions into sales. But time is an issue for most business owners.

How can you find the time to creating the content?

We understand that creating the content is a major challenge for most businesses. That is why we offer the content marketing services we do.

We can help.

Call Alan +61 (0)414 288 050 or email and find out how we can help you have the best of both worlds!

P.S. We also use video to get your business in front of a massive audience.

Do You Have a Great Business Idea But No Experience? (21 Life Experiences on How To Get the Idea fFrom Inside Your Head and Into Action)

The formula is simple.

Personal experience is a great teacher. But if you haven’t had the experience how can you learn from it.

The answer is simple – learn from others

And an awesome way to learn is to learn from the experience of others.

Free intro video

There is a free video that introduces Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor, a book that describes how 21 individuals from all over the world and aged from 17 to 70 all got an idea and turned it into fabulous businesses and lifestyles.

Was it always easy?

Were the journeys easy? Were they without disappointments on the way? Could they have given up when faced with a daunting challenge?

Of course they could have so grab a few minutes for yourself, have a look at the video and then make up your mind. You’ll find a link to a series of videos a book filled with actual life experiences. The videos are only $US49, and the book is a bonus.

If you apply the lessons you will learn in the videos and the life stories of people who have turned an idea into a fabulous profitable business and lifestyle it could turn your financial life around.

It could change your life!

An opportunity for you.

Slowly I built my New Zealand brand, there were many failures along the way, but I truly believe that these challenges drove the business higher and higher. Annah Stretton Founder of the Annah Stretton fashion label.

Have a look at the free video and then make up your mind. It could change you life!

If you click here and have a look at the video then your life may change forever.


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