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Does your website Get Your Phone Ringing?

We can help you by adding three essential elements to your marketing...


Video is a proven performer because it communicates at a deep emotional level just like humans do.

Video builds trust far more effectively than just text, photos or audio. 

Do you use video ?

Our videos start from as little as $395.


Websites, especially for micro and SME businesses, can be a problem.

We create conversion focused no-nonsense websites starting from under $1,000.

A great website has video, converts, looks good and evokes an emotional response. 

Emotional impact

Emotion is critical and must be present in all of your marketing material. Our services include:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Video/blogs
  3. Copywriting/editing
  4. Website/Video consultants
  5. Communication Seminars

Our clients have included...

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40+ years of video production experience
Alan and Mary have operated their video production business editing and producing TV commercials, TV documentaries, corporate videos and online videos.

Human to Human communication
In the early 2000s Alan was trained by Psychologist Dr John Savage to facilitate his workshops 'Strategic Communication Skills' for 'Deep Structure Listening'. This knowledge has given Alan valuable insight into what makes us tick.

The combination of extensive video production experience and communication skills enables him to help you establish a deep level of communication  with your target market.

If you would like a FREE 1-hour consultation to find out if we can help then get in touch and let us buy you a coffee. 

Inspiration from my grandson...

Recently my grandson Kallan asked me to attend his show and tell at school. It was a thrill to watch him as he showed me his work and introduced me to his teacher. He was so proud it gave me goose bumps.

After that marvelous experience I changed the name of the business to Show & Tell Marketing. Why?  Because every business needs to promote their products and services and many struggle because their website is letting them down?

After 40 years living and breathing video and human communication we are ideally placed to help you get your phone ringing. 

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Experience: A Unique Combination 

Our Mission:

When it comes to marketing we have made just about every mistake in the book. We have wasted thousands of dollars  with advertising agencies and website development companies.  Every one of them was full of promises but failed to deliver.

We now offer cost effective, dedicated services of video production, website creation and copywriting.

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