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Does your website Get Your Phone Ringing?
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Do you know that there's the secret hidden in the photos and videos you see?

That secret holds can cause your  phone to ring off the hook...

Beat the Barriers!
We show you how to beat three major barriers that block your message from reaching your ideal customers...

Humans NOT Consumers

People buy from People. This means that you must connect with your customers and prospects. 

To give yourself  the best chance of connecting with people.

Remember that people buy your product or service.

The old B2C and B2B is history. It's now all about Human to human or H2H. Read more...

A Saturated Marketplace

We are bombarded with more than 3000 advertising messages a day.

If we didn't have an automatic filtering system we would all be insane or dead!

Fortunately we do have a filtering system and your message has to beat this invisible subconscious  barrier.

Introducing the amygdala.

The Amygdala

The amygdala (often referred to as the Lizard brain), is the ancient human's early warning system designed to keep us safe. And it has for hundreds of thousands of years.

The amygdala is responsible for humans making most of their decisions subconsciously.

To get your message past this effective gatekeeper you need to communicate directly with your prospects subconscious mind. Their Lizard brain!

Discover how small changes can make a BIG difference...

Speak to the Subconscious - Improve Conversations - Break Through the Clutter


Video is a proven performer because it communicates directly with the 'Lizard' brain just like you and I do.

Because people see and hear you speaking their 'Lizard' brain can do its thing.

You have 60 muscles in your face that communicate your true state of mind.

If the messages you are sending are congruent then your prospect does not feel threatened.

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Websites are the perfect platform to break through your visitors instinctive barriers.

  1. People relate to stories!
  2. Use video
  3. Engage conversion focussed design
  4. Connect with your fellow humans
  5. People buy from people.

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Social Media:

Maximise your social media reach by making small changes that make a BIG difference.


Learn hoew to Bridge your preferred  language and improve the chances of engaging your prefered custpmers.


We can help get yopu started.

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 A Unique Combination of Experience: Video production and learning to Hear the unconscious mind. (The Lizard brain.)

Alan Cox

40+ years of video production experience
My wife Mary and I have operated video production business editing and then producing TV commercials, TV documentaries, corporate videos and online videos.  Read more...

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Let's talk about emotion

If your phone isn't ringing then you may not be creating an emotional connection with your potential customers.

When you evoke an emotional response with your website visitors the body converts the emotion into feelings. Feelings then become intentions, and finally, the decision to buy or walk away is made.

The question is, does your website evoke an emotional response within your audience? You can find out by taking advantage of our free 1 hour consultation either in person or on video conferencing. (Don't forget the free coffee.)

Our Mission: (We chose to accept it)

10 years ago we knew we had to change our business model. We spent thousands of dollars with two advertising agencies, two web site developers, a graphic designer and a digital marketing company.  Every one of them offered the world but failed to deliver.

Our mission became obvious when we saw first hand the pain of our clients. Small business people just like us struggling and getting ripped off as they looked for help.

Our goal is to save as many small business people like us from making the same expensive mistakes frustrating that we have made. 

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